TedX San Diego Renga Performance

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Renga, a thousand-year-old Japanese tradition of ‘shared writing’, requires trust and acceptance. Each member writes a line then passes it to another. This beautiful tradition of collaboration is performed by four amazing musicians, Steven Schick, Kate Hatmaker, AJ Niles, and Joy Herman. As each line unfolds, in concert with a visual backdrop, it creates a musical dissonance that is almost eerie at times. You can feel the music move from one idea to another and sense the flow of each musician accepting each other’s ideas.

Renga in this context is the shared artistic vision and co-creation of a unique musical and visual work in the same manner. Steven Schick, Kate Hatmaker, AJ Nilles, and Jory Herman share the stage for a musical and visual performance to demonstrate this ancient collaborative artform. Renga is a chain reaction of ideas, visions, and sounds.